Thursday, January 1, 2015

TF: Origins/Shadowplay preview

Doing some early stabs at a re-imagining of Transformers stuff based off the stories in the IDW ongoing comics, some of which take place on Cybertron (their home planet) and before the big 'ol robot war.

Cybertron is ruled by an oppressive caste system where societal status and quality of life is determined by what each character is formatted with. Each 'alt mode' is assigned value according to the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy.

Miner D-17/Megatron
A manual laborer in the bottom rungs of society grew tired of his lot in life and attempts to spread ideas questioning what their planet could be. Although initially non-violent, systemic attacks to all expressions of dissent convinces him that the only way to overturn whats in place is through force. 

This laborer would name himself Megatron, and would drum up an army through an underground fighting ring to overthrow the Senate that ruled the planet.

Senator Proteus
Having been a major player in establishing the Grand Taxonomy and the Senate in power, Proteus is an upper-class noble that keeps his place in society through ruthless and underhanded means.

An altruistic surgeon that opened a secret clinic in the 'Dead End' sector of Rodion. His surgical table alt mode allows him to carry various sensitive medical instruments on person.  

More to come!